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Vertebral Distraction Pump doctors around the world have discovered a tremendous adjusting advantage and niche.  

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VDP-PRO Vertebral Distraction PumpsFlexion/Distraction TablesSpinal Decompression Machines
Cost$999 for both instruments.Can be significant variations of cost: $5,000 to $20,000.Can be significant variations of cost: $8,000 to $120,000 or more.
Office Space NeededNo Extra Space Needed. Entire adjusting room necessary. Old table must go!Significant extra space or room necessary.
Ease of Learning and MasteryWithin 30 days, most doctors have it down!• May require costly travel and seminars.
• Table features can be awkward and complicated to master.
Seminars and training may be required.
Protability for Home/Field VisitsPortable. Fits in your jacket pocket or purse! Lightweight.Not portable.Not portable.
Time to Apply to Patient and Easy on Doctor and Staff• 1-2 minutes for each level adjusted.
• Easy to apply by hand.
• 5-10 lbs pressure required only.
• Varies by table, number of levels adjusted.
• Can be 5-10 minutes or more.
• Can be lots of repetitive shoulder stress!
• Requires trained staff or doctor to harness and position patient.
• Up to 30 minutes to apply.
Spine LevelsWith the two VDP-PRO instruments, distraction can be applied at all spinal levels on any size patient. Can be difficult to master above lower lumbar spine.• Most only apply to lumbar region.
• Can have patient size and weight limits.
Trial Period and Guarantee• Use it for 30 days and if you are not thrilled, return it.*
• Two-year warranty.

*$100 restocking fee applies.
• Shipping and set-up costs can be significant.
• Return policies vary.
• Shipping and set-up costs can be significant.
• Return policies vary considerably.
• Read the fine print!