Put the adjusting power of Flexion-Distraction in the palm of your hand with the new VDP-PRO!


The Patented and FDA Registered VDP-PRO is an instrument like none other in healthcare — a revolutionary instrument made of strong but light-weight die-cast aluminum, nylon and steel. You can quickly and easily accomplish many things your patients need, depending on your goals. You can use it on the spine to reduce IVD herniations, replenish nutrients to the IVD’s or even relieve facet syndrome. You can also use it as an IASTM tool to simply and effectively stretch and release myofascial adhesions in just about any region of the body.  Patients love it and you will too.

Give your fingers a break and let the VDP-PRO do the work!



The VDP-PRO is easy to learn and can be put into practice quickly. It fits comfortably in your hand and can be applied with ease.  Check out our training videos and manual to learn
how to use it properly.



We have put the VDP into hundreds of practitioners’ hands who have used it successfully. The new VDP-PRO is fully upgraded with enhanced functionality. See here what practitioners have found.



The VDP-PRO delivers fast results and relief; it motivates your patients to refer you to their friends and family. Check out what practitioners and patients are saying about this new innovative instrument.