The VDP-PRO is the upgraded version of the original VDP which is still used in hundreds of chiropractor offices around the world. Here is what practitioners and patients are saying about this unique and innovative instrument.

This little twinge in my lower back progressed into a full-blown sciatic type problem where I had pain in my hip all down my hamstring and into my calf. I even had some numbness in my foot...Within just a month and a half I was back up basically doing everything that I was before I felt this problem...I’m back to 100% thanks to Dr. Anderson and this little right here unit.
— Vince Leonard

In January of 2014 I was in a car accident...after a couple days I realized I had some severe neck pain and muscle pain in my upper back and neck area...I was sent to a surgeon...the only cure was going to be cervical disc replacement. I talked to Dr. Gregg and he has a contraption called the Vertebral Distraction 6 week I had such an amazing improvement that I no longer felt I had to have surgery.
— Robert Lewis

I spent 4 months without any success in Physical Therapy. I was taking 3000 mg of Ibuprofen daily and couldn’t walk for more than 10 feet without doubling over in pain…

I couldn’t stand it anymore, had an MRI and was diagnosed with a severe herniated disc. My lower back would lock up and I experienced numbness down my left leg. The pain kept me from living my normal active life…Life became going to work in the day, and then going home at night lying flat on the floor…After consulting a specialist who recommended surgery, I looked into my options. I was thinking about surgery or at a minimum cortisone shot, but I was relieved when I found Dr. Gregg Anderson.

Within 2 weeks with Dr. Anderson, and using the VDP, I was back feeling great. I am back to playing basketball, working out, skiing and doing all the activities I could not do before.
For any skeptical patients, who might be hesitant to try anything new, take the chance. I am a believer through personal experience and have resumed an active lifestyle without surgery or pain management shots.

Thanks Dr. Anderson, you are a lifesaver.
— James Stagg - Roseville, CA

I suffered from severe back pain and had problems sleeping. I had a disc rupture in my lower back on the 4th lumbar, and had to be hospitalized for seven days. The doctor prescribed painkillers, but it didn’t help. He also recommended surgery, but I started feeling a little better, and figured I could live with the pain. The doctor also said I would have problems the rest of my life. The problem got worse and worse. In one month, I did not get any sleep for 10 days! I used to enjoy running around with the grandkids, and loved bowling with friends, but I couldn’t do that anymore, I was in too much pain.

I went to see Dr. Anderson who used the VDP instrument on me.
After only three visits, my pain was reduced significantly! That was over a year ago. I have just turned the big 80, I feel much stronger, and a lot of my numbness went away. I’m doing the recommended ball exercises. I’m bowling again, and I help out with the grandkids all the time. I have no more pain!
— Masami Iwasa - Sacramento, CA

I returned home to Sacramento after a six week RV trip across the country. After a couple of days back I started my exercise program which includes weight training and bicycling along the American River Bike Trail. After completing one of my bike rides I noticed I had a mild uncomfortable feeling in my lower back. It was more of a “tweak type” feeling that I have experienced once every 5 years or so. Usually I can take it easy for a few days and I am fine. This time my condition continued to get worse as days passed. I started getting severe pain in my left hip, thigh, with some numbness in part of my foot.

I went to my medical doctor and had Xrays taken of my spine. The Xrays didn’t show anything out of the ordinary. I was given instructions to start taking 800mgs of Ibuprofen 3 times a day. I was also given a prescription of Vicodin for pain and Prednisone to help reduce the inflammation and pain. I was referred to a Physical Therapist who gave me several exercises to do. It took several weeks of being on Ibuprofen and Prednisone to realize nothing was changing. As a matter of fact, my sciatica pain got worse. I could barely make it from the sofa to the bathroom with the use of a 4 prong walking cane. Every step was excruciatingly painful. I finished the Prednisone and went back to see my doctor again.

This time I was sent to have a MRI. The MRI showed a mild herniated disc in my lumbar area (L5 SI). Even though the MRI showed the herniated disc my doctor didn’t feel it had anything to do with my back. He said he believed it was Piriformis Syndrome. My doctor gave me a referral to see a Pain Management Doctor (PMD). I made an appointment with the PMD who put me through a mobility examination and determined it was my L5 SI herniated disc that was pressing on my sciatic nerve that was causing the problem. He gave me a few options to consider. 1st was oral medication, Nortriptyline, which I started taking it immediately. 2nd was an epidural which I was scheduled for in a couple of weeks, when hopefully I would be able to lie on my stomach. Lastly was surgery (discectomy) if my condition didn’t improve.

Coughing, sneezing, or any sudden movement would send a deep burning sensation down the back of my hip and thigh that would last for about 4 to 5 seconds. It has been 6 weeks since I started having sciatica and I seem to be getting no better. As a matter of fact the deep burning sensation seemed to be getting worse. I thought I had hit rock bottom on the pain chart, but now I started digging.

I remembered my girlfriend telling me that she had seen a chiropractor over 15 years ago that helped her when she had a ruptured disc in her neck. He used a relatively new FDA approved device called a Vertebral Distraction Pump (VDP) that did wonders for her problem. She was told by her neurosurgeon her only option was to have surgery. Well he was wrong! She still has minor issues with her neck but they are very minimal and don’t last very long.

So I decided to locate a chiropractor that utilizes the VDP. That’s how I found Dr. Anderson. Making an appointment was easy and I got in the very next day. After a consultation with Dr. Anderson and his review of my MRI he gave me my first VDP decompression. The hardest part of the process was getting on the table. I still couldn’t lie on my stomach for very long. He placed some wedges under the front of my hips which really helped with reducing the sciatica pain while in prone position. The decompression was totally painless. It only took a few minutes and my first visit was over. I left his office the same way I came in (slumped over using a four pronged walking cane). After a few more visits and sessions with the VDP I started to get better. I started to walk straight up and I was able to get rid of the cane. I kept increasing my exercises at home and walking.

There is no doubt that my improved condition is a result of loosening the compression of the L5 SI vertebrae. The VDP in the skilled hands of Dr. Anderson has help move the disc away from the nerve, reducing inflammation of the nerve root, and eventually any associated pain and inflammation into my hip and leg. I am no longer having any pain related to my L5 SI herniated disc.
— Vince Leonard - Sacramento, CA