The VPD-PRO, the only known instrument in the chiropractic profession that can relieve Facet Syndrome and Disc Lesions
all the way from C2 to the sacrum.

Like nothing else, the VDP-PRO instruments incorporate the well-researched and effective flexion-distraction technique at all spinal levels. They eliminate the need for awkward, hard to master, and expensive tables and machines. The provider can easily apply a very specifically targeted spinal distraction force. It can often take less than a minute to apply and deliver significant relief.

With the VDP-PRO instruments in your hands, you can become the best provider in your town at relieving the most common yet challenging back and neck problems, and never have to worry about finding new patients to help. They will find you!
— Gregg Anderson D.C.

Myofascitis, Facet Syndrome.
Disc Compression, Degeneration, Herniation.


Anyone with a subluxation or related spinal condition who is a good candidate for adjusting with the flexion-distraction technique is a great candidate for using the VDP-PRO. This can include anyone who you believe would benefit from conservative care, including those dealing with the most common issues and sources of pain and dysfunction: myofascitis, disc compression, disc degeneration, disc herniation and facet syndrome.


Disc Herniation

When applied to a patient with a herniated disc, the VDP-PRO  works by creating a 2-3 millimeter distraction of the facet joints and posterior disc space, which creates a centripetal, or towards the middle effect within the nucleus pulposis. This centripetal force is what draws, or “pumps” the herniated portion of the disc back to its normal anatomical position.

Disc Degeneration

When applied to a patient with intervertebral disc degeneration, the VDP-PRO can help replenish the disc. It works by “pumping” the annulus and nucleus pulposis,  and promoting the natural imbibition of hydration and nutrients and the normal release of waste products.

Facet Syndrome

When applied to patients with facet syndrome, the VDP-PRO works by relieving the facet joint imbrications and pressure, and releasing fibrotic adhesions around the joints to help them move and function more normally.


Release. Open. Decompress.

The bullet-nose-shaped rubber tips on the VDP-PRO penetrate deep into the tissue, including the often tough myofascia. This allows them to efficiently “grasp” the soft-tissue and not slip as they are separated. The provider can easily achieve the desired distraction force to ultimately release any tight tissue, open-up the facet joints and decompress the disc spaces.

Providers have reported numerous cases where disc herniations have been clinically reduced with a single application of the VDP-PRO.

The VDP-PRO compared to the original VDP

Check out this video for more information about the features of the upgraded VDP-PRO and how it compares to the original VDP instrument.

Many providers and patients around the world proclaim how remarkably the VDP instruments work! They empower the provider to simply and easily flex and distract virtually all disc levels in the spine, and help relieve some of the most difficult to adjust and manage spinal subluxation degeneration issues that make life miserable for too many people.