The VDP-PRO has arrived!

Doctors around the world have been using the original vertebral distraction pump instruments in their practices since the late 1990’s when Dr. Bruce Broughton published his first case studies in the journal Chiropractic Technique, and revealed them to the chiropractic profession.  His simple but powerful invention continues to help well over a thousand doctors around the world take great care of their patients. The feedback and testimonies over the years have been remarkable, and we are very pleased to announce the release of these new VDP-PRO instruments.  Every doctor of chiropractic who adjusts patients will want to have them in their hands. 

The VDP-PRO is the result of many years of research and development and there have been many prototypes and modifications made.  It fits beautifully in the doctor’s hand, is light weight and is built to last.

So, it is out with the old and in with the new!  We are confident that doctors will find the VDP-PRO to be a great investment in their practices and that their patients will appreciate the relief and correction that they can deliver all day long. Thank you for your interest in the VDP-PRO.