The VDP-PRO is the upgraded version of the original VDP which is still used in hundreds of chiropractor offices around the world. Here is what practitioners and patients are saying about this unique and innovative instrument.

I’ve been using the VDP and VDP-PRO for about ten years in my practice and I really love it...I probably saved a few dozen patients from having to go under the knife because of this.
— Dr. Chris Gibson - Sacramento, CA

I strongly suggest for all your senior patients that you could do them a great service using this kind of an instrument...I’m very pleased that I have found you and your technique.
— Dr. J. Ray Weltch - Sacramento, CA

I have been using the vertebral distraction pump for 13 years and always find patients can feel a real difference in that their pinched nerve gets better or they can feel the numbness abating. It is just wonderful. It creates negative pressure in the disc so it normalizes the pressure and the spinal nerve energy can flow more properly. It even helped a patient with tinnitus. When I placed it on his cervical vertebrae, the tinnitus went away! Gotta love that!
— Laura Sheehan, B.S.N., D.C. - San Francisco, CA

In practicing over 20 years, you can look back and think of things that made a HUGE difference in your practice. The Vertebral Distraction Pump did that for me. There are times when you get a hot disc patient in, the ones that have never been to a chiropractor before and you are the first choice. The Distraction Pump allows you to treat them and get amazing results, and in turn giving you a life-long trusting patient.

The biggest difference however was the chronic patient, the one that has been everywhere, from other Chiropractors to Orthopedists, looking for relief. With the Distraction Pump I get phenomenal results, not great results, phenomenal results!

I have seen a groom come to me the day before walking down the aisle, in dire pain, and be able to not only walk the next day, but to dance with his wife pain-free as well.
It amazes me that this great tool is not talked about enough in our profession. It has made a huge impact in my practice. I was once told that like patients refer like patients, and it is true. I get referrals from chronic disc patients every week. You will too.
— Eric Luttrell D.C. - Modesto, CA

I have been using the VDP instrument for over ten years. Before the VDP, when adjusting a Hot Disc, I knew the patient was going to get better but also knew the patient had to go through a few adjustments where their symptoms or soreness increased, or that just getting adjusted was tough for the patient to handle.

After discovering the VDP and protocol on how to use this tool, I felt totally comfortable using this on my Disc patients and knew I was not going to make their Disc injury worse. In fact, the patients have responded to their care much faster than I could have expected.

I have had Patients who came into my office barely able to walk with radiating pain down their leg improve with one to two adjustments using the VDP protocol. I was then able to use the VDP along with side posture adjustments much sooner with the patient being able to tolerate the care rendered.

Definitely an adjusting tool every office should have.
— Jeff Gancas, D.C. - Austin, TX

My sincere appreciation for the cervical and lumbar vertebral distraction device is beyond measure. This adjustment device is the greatest modern chiropractic technique to arrive on the scene since the activator. My cervical and lumbar patients are getting well at a remarkable rate. Every chiropractor should have your distraction devices.
— T. Fiore, D.C., C.C.S.P. - Orange Park, Florida

I use the VDPs on every radicular and facet syndrome case I have. They provide rapid improvement in the majority of cases…The VDPs are easy to use. They do not stress the doctor’s back with way a flexion/distraction table does. I have never regretted the purchase.
— David Williamson, D.C. - Durham, NC

Hi Folks, I love this product. I use it not only for acute disc injury but old chronic (near fusion) disc injuries prior to adjustment. I get better motion and the patient gets less pain and quicker recovery.
— Antoinette Nowakowski, D.C., DABCO - Durango, CO