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Relief In The Palm of your Hand

When you put  the adjusting power of Flexion-Distraction in the palm of your hand,  you can quickly, easily and very specifically reach right in and deliver relief like never before, and at ALL spinal disc levels!

Relief On Their Very First Visit

With the VDP-PRO in your hand, you can often give people significant relief on their very first visit.  Patients appreciate its practicality. There is nothing like delivering great results to build trust and really boost your practice.

The Simplest Way To Relieve:

Disc Compression & Herniation,
Facet Syndrome, Discogenic Pain,
Myofascial Adhesions, and more...

Easy to Learn & Fits In Your Pocket

The VDP-PRO is not hard to learn to use. Unlike big complicated tables or machines, its cost is reasonable and it does not require extra space.

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Learn more about why adding the VDP-PRO to YOUR technique arsenal could be an exceptionally great investment you can make today.

VDP-PRO Introduction

Join the hundreds of doctors around the world who are well-respected in their towns at relieving the WORST spinal issues that many other doctors struggle with. 


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