“Learn and implement this simple but powerful strategy that I have been using to turn my toughest cases into my happiest patients!”

- Gregg C. Anderson, D.C.


How would it upgrade your reputation and practice if you could confidently and quickly and easily relieve some of the worst spinal conditions that make life miserable for millions of people?

Many doctors I speak with confess to me that they find helping people with disc herniations, discogenic pain, spinal degeneration and facet syndrome to be quite difficult and challenging.

For my first few years of practice, I also found it very difficult to help most of the people who came to me that were dealing with these more severe problems. I would be truly frustrated when I could not help a patient beyond some temporary relief, and would be even more distraught when I could not even help at all.

I would use all the techniques I learned in college, and I tried others that I knew of, including a flexion-distraction table, with little success. Then I stumbled upon the Vertebral Distraction Pump (VDP) instruments during my 4th year in practice. Then everything changed!

The responses that the first two people I adjusted with it were amazing to me.

Mr. Masami Iwasa, who was a friend of mine’s dad, came in to see me at age 78, and I really wanted to help him. His history included a long, hard-working life, including being put in an internment camp during WWII because he was of Japanese descent. He reported an arduous, over 25-year history of low back pain and frequent sciatica and that it gotten so bad that he had just about given up everything that he liked and needed to do, including running his storage business. He was no longer bowling with his friends and was concerned about his future.

His exam and x-rays revealed much dysfunction, disc degeneration, and much stiffness and difficulty just moving around.

I had just received my first set of VDP instruments from Dr. Bruce Broughton. I watched the VHS training video a couple times, and had read through the manual that came with the set. From what I could tell, Mr. Iwasa looked like the perfect candidate for my newest strategy.

I set him up on the table like I had just learned, and then pumped his lowest two discs a few times each until they felt a bit less tight. I recommended a plan of 3 times per week for 4 weeks, and saw him again two more times and repeated the simple adjustments with the VDP.

Then, after his third visit, I happened to greet him in the reception room when he arrived, and I’ll never forget the look on his face or his words. I said, “Nice to see you Mr. Iwasa. How are you today.” His simple response was, “pain’s gone!” I had to ask him about 3 more times before I understood and realized that he was telling me that the back pain that he had endured for over 25 years was totally gone! I was blown away.

After a few more adjustments, he was able to ease back into all the things he loved and needed to do including bowling, as well as running his business and taking care of his wife. I was so thankful that he came to see me when he did, and not months earlier when I’m not even sure what I could have done for him.

Then, a little more confident than before, I started serving another hurting patient, Dolores. She had injured her low back at work as a caregiver when she twisted and went down while giving one of her patients a shower. She had been suffering from this for a couple of years, was unable to work, and was using a walker to barely get around. She had a severe herniated disc in her low back but was not a good surgery risk due to her general health. She was developing foot drop and was absolutely miserable.

Miracle number two! Within a few weeks of using the VDP to adjust her spine, her pain subsided, her foot started to regain strength and function, and she went from the walker to a cane, and then that became unnecessary. Again, I was blown away. I felt very blessed to have helped in such a profound way, with such a practical and easy to use strategy.

Since then, I have helped hundreds of people get their health back who were in pretty tough shape and have saved many from drugs, surgery and the risks and indignities of other invasive procedures. I am tremendously thankful for this simple but amazing tool. Now I have patients who will drive many miles to see me, and they keep me busy by referring their loved ones.

Maybe you’ve never seen or heard of the VDP or the brand new version, the VDP-PRO. Check it out: www.VDP-PRO.com.

I hope you take a moment and consider the opportunity you have today to learn about, get excited about, and ultimately try a new and better way to serve many of your current and future patients.

Like B.J. Palmer said, “You never know how something you might think say or do today, can affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” You know that is true. Today, it could even start from reading this!

It’s no secret that today there are tens of thousands of people that are really suffering with these awful spinal issues. In today’s marketplace they desire fast, reasonable, and no-nonsense solutions for their problems. Consumer research also reveals that when people call a doctor, they want one who is authentic, trustworthy and skilled and who can deliver what they are looking for.

You surely know that chiropractic and healthcare are changing faster than ever. I know there are huge differences since I started practicing over 20 years ago. Like most, I have had to make many changes, and take more than a few risks over the years just to stay ahead of the game. This has included two different EHR software programs, converting to digital x-ray, and countless other things.

As chiropractors we are continually faced with a dizzying array of choices and strategies so we can not only survive and stay compliant, but so we can really thrive in today’s healthcare marketplace. We know we need to do something, but what? My atlas subluxates just thinking about it all sometimes!

A quick tour of the ads and articles in our trade journals is certainly thought provoking. They are full of all kinds of strategies that promise to help us keep our offices open and profitable. While there’s nothing wrong with nutrition products, marketing systems, better software, lasers, etc., what is interesting is that few seem to have anything to do with just improving and expanding what we already do and are known for!

The reality is that nobody else in healthcare can give hurting and suffering people what most of them desperately need: a specific and effective chiropractic adjustment!

When you reminisce back to when you got started in the chiropractic profession, if you’re like me, you recall simply wanting to be a great doctor, help a lot of people, and live a reasonable lifestyle that rewards your good work.

Hopefully, you haven’t lost that hope and vision.

As we move forward, what few seem to be talking about anymore, is actually just being a great doctor of chiropractic and maximizing what we do best! Today’s patients really appreciate one who is able to quickly find, adjust and fix some of the most difficult, but common spinal problems people have like disc disorders, chronic facet syndrome and unstable backs.

The marketplace for great doctors is only going to get better. For example, a whole generation of Baby Boomers is maturing and needing our services more desperately. Medicine is not doing it for them. The doctor down the street with the slick ads and fancy website but who could not adjust his way out of a paper bag, isn’t doing for them either.

These Baby Boomers desperately need, and actually are demanding, authentic solutions from skilled trustworthy doctors, for the physical problems that are slowing them down. They, more than anything, want to delay aging, stay active and enjoy their senior years.

And…they are willing to pay for expert help that makes sense and that they find helpful.

They are discerning and they are No-BS people. They read online reviews, Consumer Reports, do their shopping around, and don’t like to deal with any monkey business. You’ve got to deliver the goods and do it honestly and sensibly or they will be moving on to the Doc down the street the other direction, who can and will.

Doctor, there is an answer to this.

You can do something today that can help you be even more sure you are recognized as the authentic trustworthy doctor who all the Boomers in your state will drive many miles to see, happily refer their friends and family, and pay you for a job well done.

I imagine maybe you don’t sit in your office all day praying for a new hot-disc patient to come in. They are tough cases and they can be tricky to help. However, trends reveal that there are going to be thousands more of them every year!

What if you could confidently and expertly handle and relieve the suffering of the next 55 year-old fellow who stumbles into your office antalgic, looking scared and hopeless and wondering if his sciatica is ever going to go away and if he is ever going to get back to work? Or a 62 year-old woman with severe neck pain and arm numbness, and an MRI showing a 6mm disc protrusion at C5-6, who wonders if she should have that surgery her doctor recommends?

The good news is that with a little more knowledge, an easy to learn skill and the right time-proven adjusting strategy, you can help folks like these and so many others like never before!


"I am so excited to turn you on to the Vertebral Distraction Pump instruments I have been using in my practice for over 16 years."


I challenge you to compare it to ANYTHING else on the market. My strong opinion is that there is NOTHING like it. Now, with the recently updated VDP-PRO instruments, there has never been a better time to get your hands on a set of your own.

Doctors all over the world agree that the VDP works better, quicker and frankly is more reasonable in terms of investment for you and fees for patients, than anything out there. Unlike a $100,000 spinal- decompression machine, or a fancy $10,000 table, you could recoup your VDP-PRO investment with as few as 10-20 patient visits, depending on your fees.

How does it work?

The hand-held VDP-PRO instruments incorporate the flexion-distraction technique at all spinal levels. To my knowledge, there is not a machine or table that can help you easily reach each specific level, from the sacrum to C2!

It not only is much more versatile than a flexion-distraction table, it is so much easier on you the doctor, and on the patient. With a table, it is easy to stretch and irritate the nerves, and actually make things worse!

With the VDP-PRO, you can safely and specifically distract and decompress virtually every disc in the spine. It is easy to use and only takes a minute or two of your time!

The patients I have helped frequently tell me how much they appreciate a skilled, hands-on doctor. I talk through my exams, show them spinal models and very simply explain how the VDP-PRO works. It is so simple that everyone gets it. It makes perfect sense.

Again, there is nothing else like it!

The VDP-PRO is not a passive machine. It is more of an extension of you and your expert hands. You, the expert doctor apply the instrument to the spine, and as you squeeze the handle, actually feel and direct the distraction forces that the VDP-PRO creates to make the adjustment. It is you that your patients trust to get them well.

They trust you to have the best strategies available to accomplish that.

There are now many hundreds of D.C.’s all over the world using the Vertebral Distraction Pumps to deliver exceptional results to their patients.

You can give yourself and your practice a huge edge by offering the VDP-PRO strategies to your patients. Be the first on your block to offer this to get and stay out in front. Also, as the word gets out, more patients are searching for a doctor who uses this amazing technique.

Don’t miss out!

The Boomers need talented and expert doctors and they are looking for the most practical and effective ways to relieve their back and neck problems, and that will allow them to enjoy their senior years.

While it’s obvious that the aging Boomers really need us, it’s true that all generations can mess-up their spines. Young people develop serious back issues too, of course.

You know by now that the Gen-Xers and especially the Millennials, expect and demand health care on their terms. That usually means they only want the best, the fastest and the most reasonable in terms of cost. They read online reviews and definitely do their due diligence. The good news: You serve them well, and they tell EVERYONE!

Ask yourself, if you are already 100% confident that you are prepared and ready for the serious problems that more and more people in the years to come will hope that you can fix.

If so, hats-off to you! You’re going to be, and probably already are, super busy!

If you can humbly say that you still have room in your brain to develop additional skills and techniques and become an even better doctor, then this might just be for you!

Sure, it will take a few bucks, a little practice and study, but learning to use the VDP-PRO is not that hard.

I hope you take advantage of this today. Visit the website. Read the information. Look at the videos. Do some homework. Google it. Call some docs that are using it. Check out some of columnist Mark Heller, D.C.’s articles about it in Dynamic Chiropractic that go back as far back as 2003.

One guy I corresponded with recently called the VDP his “secret weapon.” I love it! No secret anymore. You will be encouraged by what you see and hear out there.

We look forward to helping you master the use of the VDP-PRO, help more people, and enjoy being an even more successful and well-respected chiropractor for years to come!

For a limited time, until we empty our warehouse of our first production batch of the new VDP-PRO instrument sets, you can save $150 when you use the promo code: VDPPRODC

My return on investment after purchasing my first set of VDP’s is incredible. Let me do the math: I use them now on about 1/3 of my patients, and most are referred to me, for over 16 years now… I figure that my ROI has to be well-over a million dollars.

I know that if you jump on this opportunity and help just one new patient with a bad disc or other issue that you might have previously been challenged with, depending on your fees, then you’ll likely already cover the purchase cost. You have also opened your door wide for many more referrals.

There’s never been a better time to get started with this.

After years of research and development, tests and trials, we finally have these new and improved VDP-PRO instruments available. For more information about the history of this strategy, visit the “About” section of the website: www.VDP-PRO.com

If you are curious about the upgraded changes made from the original plastic instrument, check out the “Introducing the VDP-PRO” video on the Home page.

In the Studies section, you can also read some of the interesting case studies including the ones published in 1999 in the journal, “Chiropractic Technique.”

Join the hundreds of doctors around the world who can confidently and easily handle the tough cases and do not worry about where their next new patient is going to come from.

I know this is one long letter, and I could go on for another 50 pages with stories and clinical examples. I absolutely should also mention that most of us doctors using the VDP don’t just pull it out to adjust the toughest cases. We use it all day long on many patients.

The VDP-PRO works great on many subluxation patterns below C2. That is because in many cases of Vertebral Subluxation Complex, the disc is compressed, irritated and painful, or the nucleus of the disc has migrated posterior and/or the facet joints are stuck and/or abnormally bearing stress. With the VDP-PRO, you can easily adjust the vertebrae just the way they need and deliver tremendous relief.

Lastly, it is also a great tool when you want to do a little myofascial release, like on the often tightened-up rhomboids or trapezius, even the scalenes or on plantar fascitis. In a few seconds, you can get right in there, stretch and release these trouble spots and make your patients very happy.

Help your patients with their worst problems and you’ll be very appreciated. Who doesn’t like hugs?

Ok, like good ole’ Fred Barge would say, “nuff said.”

When you order your VDP-PRO instrument set, be sure to complete the Practitioner Locator form at checkout, so we can list you and your practice. We get many requests from people around the world looking for a doctor who offers this strategy.


YOU Will Be The Doctor Of The Future!

Thank you for your interest in serving your patients with this amazing strategy.


Chiropractically yours,


Gregg C. Anderson, D.C.

President, VDP International, Inc.